Thursday, June 11, 2009

Where am I?

This will be the first of a series of posts about our adventures in Ghana. Unfortunately, it seems I have brought a parasitic "friend" back with me and have not felt up to blogging. It has also been a hard week of processing what I have experienced and seen while in Ghana.
But, in the next few days, I will try to recount the ups and downs of my experience. To say the least it has been an extremely hard adjustment back to western culture and society with or without my "friend." Some days I wake up thinking, "where am I?" but also wondering where I actually want to be...

The question everyone wants to know is "Did you have fun? and "Tell me all about it!" It is difficult to gauge which individuals actually want to know about the trip or just want an Ghanaian answer of "it was great, everything is great." The word "fun" is not one I would use to describe my first trip to Africa. Yes there were fun moments and lots of laughing. But the trip as a whole was not for the purpose of "fun." It was an amazing trip...I learned a lot about a different culture, about myself, and about my place in the world as a whole. Another question that I have also been asked a lot is, "would you go back?" The answer is a strong YES and I am already planning when my next trip will be whether it is with the VCU OT department or on my own.

Our photos should be up soon and that will hopefully help to give you some images of what we experienced. However, a camera can never capture everything and sometimes I felt it was easier to just put my camera away.

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