Monday, May 18, 2009

Bon Voyage

We leave for Ghana tomorrow, tuesday the 19th. I honestly can't believe how fast this semester has flown by and that our departure is so soon!!! Packing has been an interesting experience as we have only an idea of what to expect. The average temperatures in Ghana are in the 90's currently, with 95% humidity - its going to be H-O-T.
We also found out that we will be doing much more teaching than we first had expected. One of our other professors helped us prepare by giving us a quick tutorial in positioning, pressure sore relief and prevention, and transfers. It appears we will be wearing many hats while in Ghana: teacher, OT or physiotherapist, student, tourist and friend.
We had an understanding that shorts are inappropriate in Ghana...a fact that my Ghanaian friend found very funny. Apparently shorts are allowed for all casual situations- just not church, work or going to a club at night. I will be packing some more shorts after hearing this!
I will be updating my blog from internet cafes in Accra so tune in for first impressions in country!
On to finish packing and prepare to tackle the 11 hour flight awaiting us!!