Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 6 (May 25) - HOLIDAY!

Today, Monday, is a National Holiday! We decide to use this day to do our tourist activities. We leave the hotel at 6 am to travel to the Kakum National Park. This is a large rainforest preserve with an old (but hopefully safe) canopy walk. They give us cards to wear (pictured below) that state the obvious...

In the canopy walk, series of rope bridges connect to tree stands and allow people to walk atop the rainforest canopy. Apparently there was a cobra on one of the stands while we were up there...

Next we traveled to the coast to visit the Elmina Slave Fort. This is where the dutch kept slaves to be sent to the Americas. This building was very eerie and it started to storm while we were there. The fort is gorgeous, but holds a horrifying history.

We ate dinner at Paloma, a restaurant frequented by tourists. All 6 of us packed into a 4 person cab for the short ride. However, our cabbie did not speak english and had no idea where we were going. He tried to drop us off in a dark alley before asking another cabbie for directions...we couldn't stop laughing. Once we finally got there, I had was glorious. Susan ordered a hot dog in a amazing masterpiece pita filled with a hot dog, french fries and pickles. A great ending to our touristic day!

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