Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So after finally figuring out how to customize my page...I am actually blogging for the first time! As my profile says, my name is Lea and I am a graduate student at Virginia Commonwealth University. I just started my third semester in the master's of occupational therapy program and plan on graduating in December of 2010. In May of this year, I will be traveling with 4 of my classmates and our professor, Dr. Stacey Reynolds, to Ghana in West Africa. The following is a description taken from the syllabus of the course we are taking this semester.

"The focus of the course will be on understanding child development from the Ghanaian perspective and the challenges faced by children in developing countries. A special focus will be placed on children with disabilities and children who are disadvantaged by their family situation (e.g. orphans, street children). Participants will visit and volunteer at several orphanages and schools in the Central region of Ghana as well as work with street children currently being served by the host organization, Sovereign Global Mission. While in the country, students will meet with and interview local leaders to gain a better understanding of the disability culture in this part of West Africa."

I love to travel, and I have always wanted to go to Africa to experience the beauty and culture of the continent. Simultaneously being able to give my time to children who are disadvantaged is an opportunity I could not pass up. I am very excited to be a part of this trip as I believe the best gift you can give someone is yourself and your time.

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